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What a night, check out all the fun…



Big beautiful birds from @sommerladspoultry #rallingsfeast #rallingslabels #whowantstobeaguestnextyear

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Had fun setting the table #rallingsfeast #rallingslabels #whowantstobeaguestnextyear

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#tablesetting #rallingsfeast #rallingslabels #whowantstobeaguestnextyear

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#bubbles @angovewine #rallingsfeast #rallingslabels #whowantstobeaguestnextyear

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Banyard Game Birds

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Banyard Game Birds Food With Integrity Logo

If a quick lesson cooking quail testicles is something that tickles your fancy, then be sure to catch up with Erika Wylie, managing director of Banyard Game Birds, at the Rallings Feast.

Pittsworth farmers Clive and Erika Wylie are no strangers to hard work. They’ve farmed poultry, peanuts, cotton, organic eggs, cattle – and, as of five years ago, quail. Taking on the existing Darling Downs farm and production facilities in 2010, the Wylies have invested more than time and finances into the quail farming operation. “Its about love”, laughs Erika. She may laugh, but for these two, it’s a serious passion. “I am a grass roots person”, she says. “I grew up on the land and have remained close to my roots. Education and agriculture are of great importance. This is it for us – we’re here for life”.

Erika, a nurse by profession, and husband Clive, former founding director of Inglewood Farms, live by the ‘conception to consumption’ policy. This means each bird from Banyard Game Birds is bred, incubated, hatched, grown and processed without leaving the property. Each step of the way, the smallest game birds to be farmed in Australia are monitored and personally checked daily. And once grown (around 36 – 40 days) the 170-gram birds are dressed, and distributed from the Wylie’s directly. The dynamic duo specialise in quail eggs, too – and have their sights set on ducks and geese down the track. But for now, it’s the quail that take up most of their time. “Quail are very different than other poultry”, supplies Erika. “Clive and I work together, we look after our business, and it looks after us. It is intensive, but we love it. These little guys have so much personality”.

And as for the labeling? “We took on the lot when we bought the property”, says Wylie. “The Rallings crew came with the farm purchase”. And are they happy? “We have had no reason to change, or even look anywhere else. They have been fabulous to deal with. In fact, this is the first chance we have to meet them – how exciting is that?”

If you are not up for a testicle cooking class, we suggest you ask the Wylies about the history of quail. They are fascinating little creatures, and Erika is a gem to speak to. It’s a ball.

Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Bacchus Brewing

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A Micro brewery producing Queensland’s most exciting range of craft beers.

bacchus brewing


If Ross Kenrick offers you dessert, take it. It might involve a chocolate-infused After Dinner Mint beer; a Raspberry White Chocolate Pilsner – People’s Choice award 2013 GABS festival – or perhaps some Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road, the brew that took out second place at the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular.

The former scrap metal merchant elevated his home brewing hobby to a new level back in 2010 when he rolled into the commercial brewing world. Taking over the former Bacchus brewing site, he retained the name and injected charm, charisma and a point of difference that keeps him, and his brews, in a stand out position. “It was the total lack of full flavoured beers in Australia that got me going” says Kenrick. “The reception has been fabulous”.

Seasonal brews flow from the two hand pumps, and up to 27 varieties are on hand at any given time. Using only the finest quality hops and grains, Bacchus brews 12 concurrent brews on any given day using a state of the art multi vessel system. Add to this, rum cask-aged Baltic porters; ales with macadamia and honey; and a quirky ‘Cock Ale’ based on a Celtic recipe harking back to the 1500s. And yes, it contains chicken.

While the average Aussie would be hard pressed to come up with three new and unique flavours every week, Kenrick loves the thought. And he’s never short of willing taste testers. “Women are more open to trying new flavours” he says. “They’ll give most things a go, it’s often their partners who say ‘you try it first’”.

With a pizza kitchen pumping out tasty treats and games and toys to keep the kidlets occupied, Kenrick has developed a family friendly venue that boasts tenpin bowling memorabilia, a reconstructed bowling lane, and bowling pins disguised as table lamps. “I love our brewery” says Kenrick. “You can sit at the bar, watch the brewers make our beers, and ask them questions – they are the same crew that serve you”.

Ask Kenrick about labels, and he’s (almost) as equally enthused. “Brad spent a lot of time and effort in helping us come up with a system that suited us”, he offers. “Producing a label for three new beers a week was a quite a challenge. Rallings were able to come up with an innovative solution that suits us down to the last pin”

It’s enough to bowl you over.

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Picklehead Pickles

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They’re dill-icious!picklehead label

Google Michael Hilburger, and one of the first things that pops into the feed is a link to his teething rusk story. The next,a definition ‘picklehead-a person (usually male) who has a fully shaven head that resembles the shape of a pickled onion’. Thirdly, you’ll find reference to his up and coming reality television personality status–yes, the bearded, Shank Brothers Barbecue team member will soon be gracing the
screen as part of a certain free to air television series Aussie BBQ Heroes. Two out of three ain’t bad. The teething rusk story, he swears, is true. As is the up and coming reality TV show. But in real like, Mike –
Mikey to his mates –is as far from a picklehead in appearance as possible.
The burly, bearded BBQ lover gave himself to pickledom long ago.  Armed with a tweaked version of his Czech mothers original family recipe, Mike found himself unable to keep up with the requests for his dill-icious little cuckes. By 2012, Picklehead pickles were out and proud in the Brisbane marketplace. “We now whack out 30 kilograms a fortnight ”, offers Mikey.  “We can’t keep up with the demand”.  Every batch boasts hand sourced local cucumbers – always cut lengthways to give maximum crunch – and locally grown dill, chilies and garlic whenever possible.  “Our pickles are preservative free and made to order” says Mikey. “No produce means no pickles, so supply can be a bit sporadic at times”.  Each batch is infused in a brine of apple cider or malt vinegar.
The pickles have as much personality as Mike himself. There’s the New York Style dill, the chilli-infused Hot Patootie, a garlic-heady Bronx Vanilla, smoky Billy Bobs, and malty Swamp in the range – and Mikey is far from finished coming up with varietals.  “I only use the traditional, time honoured method of home pickling”, he explains, “which means every season is open to new flavours. Who knows what will be up next?”
Mikey says working with Rallings has been easy.  “I love that Rallings keep local, are easy to work with, and keep things real. The response time is fantastic, too” .
Oh – and the teething rusk story? As we said, Mikey swears it’s true. You’ll have to google it for yourself.

Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Mahlzeit Catering

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Today the cooking preparation begins for the feast this Saturday.  So its perfect timing to introduce our Chef, Steven Herold of Mahlzeit Catering

Screenshot 2015-11-05 07.27.26

Intimate dining for corporate clients, a memorable dining experience with beautiful, delicious food. Every time.

If someone raised a glass in your direction at lunchtime, and shouted” Gesegnete Mahlzeit!” in your general direction, how would you respond?

If you are with Steven Herold, executive chef of Mahlziet catering, you may well hear him return the hail with gusto. For Steve, this German expression meaning ‘blessed mealtime’ is more than a salutation, it’s a memory of 20 years of his father’s German cooking, of hearty European comfort food, of his own time in the Berlin restaurant circuit. It is also the name of his business.

Having cooked in high profile restaurants from the Gold Coast and Sydney to pubs and exclusive eateries in Singapore, London, and Europe, Steve has been part of many a blessed eating experience. Now, with three small mouths to feed, Steve and his wife Erin bring their own unique style of food preparation to Brisbane.

Mahlzeit (pronounced Mal-site operates as a high-end catering business, bringing quality ingredients and local flavour into the corporate world. It’s Steve’s love of Australian grown ingredients and respect of seasonal produce that keeps his company that one step ahead. Combined with a deft hand and an uncanny knack for flavor partnering, he loves nothing more than being given free reign to create and come up with something special.

“Putting together a menu for Rallings feast is a pleasure”, says Steve. “I am looking forward to working with each of the specialty ingredients and can foresee some fabulous dishes. I really can’t wait to pull it altogether on the night”, he adds. “It’s a cool idea, a great event, really something different. I want to do each element, each brand, justice – and provide little surprise on the night”.

Steve gives credit to the Rallings crew for being so easy to work with. “It was so easy”, he says of his first meeting with Brad and Leisa. “They just took my logo, whipped it into packaging labels, made sure we were totally and %100 on board with the finished product. No upsell, just good, honest business.”

That’s something worth saluting.

Oh – and what is the appropriate response to “Mahlzeit!”? For the most part, you can simply say Mahlzeit!, in return, or, should you be already eating (and they are not) a simple Danke! (thanks) instead – they have wished you a most enjoyable eating experience.


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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Edible Press

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If you are new to the industry, want to take your product to the next level and get in front of the countries best chefs Shirley Harring can help you.   Shirley is more than a Rallings’ Feast guest she has been involved since its inception at the beginning of the year and quite frankly we couldn’t have gotten to this point without her.  Can you tell we love Shirley?  Check out Shirley’s new business Hand Sourced

EP-logo-header copy

Better Taste in Words

Shirley Harring spends her days juggling freelance writing with her ‘real job’, the managing director of the select niche food and beverage distribution company, Hand Sourced. In between, she grows vegetables, wrangles chickens and devours books.  Inexplicably drawn to food, Shirley is the kind of person you won’t want to dine with – unless you mind sampling innards, gizzards, or food related obscurities (in which case, she’d love to hear from you).  She is passionate about farming, agriculture and the support of small and local growers on Australian soil. She lives in hope that one day, tuck shops will turn into fresh food cafeterias and school ovals into edible, self sustainable gardens.

She holds qualifications in food writing (Adelaide University); education (QUT & UWA); adult education (QSA) and is slowly working on her thesis for the Masters of Food Studies (Gastronomy) program through Cordon Bleu (Southern Cross University). Shirley originally hails from Perth, WA, where she grew up amongst Italian farmers’ markets and the Swan Valley wineries. She lives with her family of boys, who she finds are very useful for washing up after her kitchen experiments, and for carrying heavy things. She is an adventurous eater, fervent cook and kitchen junkie. She is always hungry.

“At the beginning of the year when Brad and I first started throwing ideas around about doing something special for our food and beverage customers, I knew to call Shirley and chat to her.  I’d first met Shirley some years back, through the Brisbane Tweet Up events. I’d always loved spending time with her.  We share a passion for personal connection and meaningful working relationships and I felt she would be interested in our plans, and be able to offer some advice and give clarity to our ideas.  She is well respected in the industry so I knew if she liked our idea, it was a good one.” – Leisa and Brad Low.

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Angove Wines

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It’s hump day so it’s perfect timing to introduce Angove Wines as our next Rallings’ Feast guests


The glass is always half full at Angove Family Winemakers

Angove wines hold a long and interesting Australian, family owned heritage.

Six generations back, a young Doctor by the name of William Thomas Angove arrived in Tea Tree Gully, South Australia.  Like his fellow doctorates Lindeman and Penfold, Angove cultivated vines on local soil to make wine to be used as a tonic within his practice. The Angove family maintained the cultivation with steady growth, and by 1903, boasted 100 acres of vines.

In 1965 great grandson, Thomas William, created a niche in the world of oenology. His invention of the one gallon cask  – the first “bag in a box” – was a global innovation in wine packaging that would go on to revolutionise wine sales across the continents and earn him an Order of Australia in 1994.

In 2007, quiet inroads in the promotion and design of low chemical intervention begun. It was yet another Angove innovation, leading to a full conversion to organic viticulture. The entire Angove winery site is now fully certified to produce organic wines.

Today, some 130 years after that first planting, Angove family wines produce from their McLaren Vale, Riverland and Renmark sites and rank Australia’s 16th largest winery and the country’s 12th largest wine exporter by branded wine sales. The fifth generation remains fully committed to private ownership and actively ensures this continuity for forthcoming generations.

Angove’s Queensland outlet chose Rallings after seeing evidence of Brad’s meticulous work at a cricket club do. “Rallings is a perfect fit for our personalisation requirements”, says representative, Craig Hogan.  “We love that the Rallings crew can design and manufacture pretty much anything to our specification, meaning we can meet our customer need in a quality, fuss free and timely manner”.  Like Angove, Rallings hold the family owned tradition in high honour.

For Hogan, it’s a perfect match for the exacting, quality label synonymous with the Angove brand. We think the doctor would be most proud.

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…The Truffle Man

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10 more sleeps until the inaugural Rallings’ Feast and we’re very excited to introduce another guest.  Follow the links to see what happens #rallingsfeast


We bring the very best quality fine food and hard to source boutique wines and champagnes to the Australian public.

Corsican born Philippe Reboul and Francophilian wife Amanda found their business niche waiting for them when returning to Brisbane in 2006. Looking to raise their family of three on Australian soil, the couple found themselves in the position of championing produce they had taken for granted whilst living in Europe. It began with the not-so-humble truffle, as they imported the then elusive tubers for a few select chefs and food loving colleagues.  Given the nickname ‘that truffle man’ by a local journalist, the moniker stuck and The Truffle Man label was born.

Amanda Reboul, also known as The Truffle Lady, now finds herself juggling truffles with select International and Australian produce.  And, in between deliveries to retail and restaurant clients, manages her own Champagne import and education business.  “We never know what people are going to request” says Reboul. “We quickly realised there was a market in Brisbane for people who were after hard to high caliber, quality European ingredients, so we started looking at quality items with a point of difference.”

Now, The Truffle Man brand imports, distributes and retails a distinctive range of food, wine and champagne including caviar, foie gras, jamon Spanish ham, saucisson, truffles, exclusive spices and more to the Brisbane food scene.

“We are passionate about the truffle, true”, laughs Reboul. “But we are equally as passionate about our other produce, too. Our duck foie gras is exceptional – it’s free ranged, ethically grown and sustainable. It offers a real touch of luxury that dates back to Egyptian times – and that’s quite a pedigree”.  Then there’s Brazilian tonka beans; Italian sustainable caviar; and organic pollens from California.  “Fennel pollen is rare”, explains Reboul. “The naturally dried flower tips are a stunning green-yellow powder and the intensity of flavor is divine”. And yes, this pollen is featuring in the Ralling’s Feast.

And how do the Rebouls feel about Rallings? “They have been so supportive. As our business expanded, we found we needed a more polished, refined look to our labeling options.  Brad really met the brief on recognising the demographic reach of our produce and designed something that perfectly fits our brief”.

Rallings: proof that good branding needn’t be as elusive – or as expensive –  as a European truffle.

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Blend Smoked Honey

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We are so glad to be gathering together some of the countries best growers and producers to our table and we can’t wait share the first Rallings’ Feast with them. Please follow the links and follow along…

Blend Smoked Honey

Blend Smoked Honey


100% raw local honey, cold wood smoked and crafted with toasted spices & natural artisan ingredients.

Ask Kris Sweres how his smoked honey came about and he’ll happily confess – it was by accident. A drunken accident, at that.

A little over 12 months ago Kris and his partner Rebecca Mitchell returned from a food and wine holiday in the Hunter Valley. “We wanted to recreate some of the flavours we had experienced,” recalls Sweres. “We were cold smoking some cheese and somehow, in the process, a jar of local raw lillipilli honey found it’s way into the smoker. Neither Kris nor Rebecca recall how it got there. Fate? Perhaps so. “We sampled it – and blimey, it was good!” he recalls. “In case it was the wine speaking, we sampled it again the next day. Yep, still good!”

Sourcing only Queensland honey from environmentally friendly beekeepers, Sweres and Mitchell produce each batch by hand. First, they cold smoke over Aussie hardwood, then test and season to ensure consistency and quality.  Each jar is hand checked before labeling and distribution. The end result is a unique sweet, smokey  honey, perfect as a savoury accompaniment”  Sweres suggests using it in marinades and bastes (as one of the Shank Brothers BBQ team he’s somewhat of an expert on BBQ), drizzled on  sizzling haloumi, or  slathered on hot grilled pineapple. Seriously good.

Sweres and Mitchell chose Rallings for labeling because of their values. “I love that Brad sat with me, asked me what I wanted, and really listened. He sampled my product then and there.  It meant he could create something that was a perfect fit.

And what does Brad think? “It tastes like camping”! he laughs.

Blends’ paper base label is designed to have a recycled look and offers a rustic feel of smoke and wood.

For Blend, it is a brand that sticks, finger licking aside.

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Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Sommerlads Poultry

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We are so glad to be gathering together some of the countries best growers and producers to our table and we can’t wait share the first Rallings’ Feast with them. Please follow the links and follow along…

sommerlad farm

Sommerlad Heritage Poultry

Slower growing, heritage-style meat chickens  – a truly differentiated bird.

Michael Sommerlad is well placed to talk about farm to table dining. He has over five generations of farming in his blood, a passion for ethical animal husbandry and a strong belief in environmentally aware economically sustainable agricultural practices. With this ethos atop 40 years experience in breeding and rearing purebred poultry, the Sommerlads business model is ruffling more than a few feathers in the table poultry world.

There’s no doubt Michael and his wife, Kathryn, are onto something special. Winners of the ABC Delicious Produce Awards in 2015, their birds took out the gong for “Outstanding Innovation”. Their own slow growing heritage style chickens are free ranged, pasture reared and exclusively bred in the New England highlands, and grown, processed and distributed by a handful of authorized Australian farmers across the country. The result? A tender, moist, flavoursome table bird rich in colour and nutrients that taste, well, like chicken ought to taste.

“Our hardy, slower growing meat chickens are hand reared in small groups for up to 14 weeks, explains Kathryn. “That’s 9 weeks longer than the conventional chickens, meaning a far higher quality of bird welfare”. ​​They receive no antibiotics or growth promotants, either. “The birds consume whole grains to supplement their pasture roaming diet,” adds Michael. “And they get to hunt and peck for grit from the earth which is so important for their gut health.”

The Sommerlads are ardent on using natural farming methods that promote healthy soils, healthy vegetation and healthy animals.  “We love our beautiful New England region for many reasons. Our high altitude means we experience frosty winters and beautiful crisp, clean air with mild summers that are perfect for the management of our pedigree breeding birds.”

As small-scale Australian family farmers, they have successfully created and continue to maintain a niche table bird market as a viable and sustainable alternative to factory chicken farming. What better way to connect farmer to family.

And about those labels? “Rallings have worked tirelessly to help us find a system that works on wet surfaces, refrigeration, freezing and condensation of cool rooms. This took a bit of trial and error but with very satisfactory results.” Something to crow about, indeed.