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People say some very kind things about us…

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Rallings Feast 2015

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Rallings Feast web banner

We are excited to announce the date for the inaugural Rallings Feast, Saturday November 7…read more

Rallings Competition

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RallingsHome Read more

Rallings Labels – behind the scene

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Who pays when your printer stuffs up your job?

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We were a bit surprised recently to hear that it was the customer.

We went along to a seminar earlier this week, put on by the Real Food Festival organisers for their exhibitors. We talked to them about labelling, packaging and branding; sharing our cost-effective design techniques for labels and stickers that take your branding to the next level.

We met lots of food producers and we were a little distressed to hear a story about one of them paying for a reprint when it was the printer who was responsible for the problem, not them.

If you only take one thing from this post it should be – DO NOT pay for your printer’s error under any circumstances!! Now this is easy to say especially when as is typical of the food industry deadlines are very tight and a dodgy printer can hold you over a barrel. But again we have to say it is not your problem if your printer makes a mistake. Read more

How do I make an infographic…

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One of the fun things a blog allows us to do is take our customers along with us when we’re working on different projects. We’ve got a few ideas for projects that will be interesting and informative, showcasing how Rallings can help you from concept to finished product.

We’re presently working on the first in a series of Rallings labels & stickers infographics. An infographic is simply a visual image that gives you information in a fun and interesting manner. But the greater purpose is to create attention and get your business known by more people, the best thing to happen would be for it to be shared via social media and to have it go viral. That may be something you are interested in and want to try with your business. So follow along and see how we make our first infographic. If you haven’t seen one have a look at our pinterest board for some examples. Read more

DIY to professional branding in 3 easy steps…

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There is no reason to make selling your product any harder than it already is, surely you have worked to hard to simply lose out because you failed to think about the labelling and packaging. It doesn’t matter where your product is sold; farmers markets, local stores or supermarkets, you have a responsibility to present yourself as a professional in your industry and it’s not hard to do. Read more

Doing things in reverse is costing money…

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I met a builder’s wife recently, who told me that they were losing out on work because of price. They had cut their margins already and couldn’t go any lower. She blamed the architects and draughtsmen’s. As she said “Vogue plans, on a beer budget”

I found this interesting. It wasn’t that they were too expensive; it was because the customer hadn’t been educated in the design phase of the costs to bring their dreams to reality.

Has this happened to you? It may not be in relation to building a home but perhaps in some other way. Have you had an amazing logo created only to realise later that the colour picture featured would cost a bit to print or that using gold or silver in your branding colours means you need to get a foil block every time you get something printed?

Doing things in reverse can end up costing you. Talk to your printer before you start designing; get them to work with your creative team so you get the best out of your branding, not other people.


Is it time to think seriously about branding…

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Has this been on your mind lately? It’s been on ours and this weekend is a perfect example why.

Rallings has spent the weekend thinking about and eating food. Leisa visited Stanthorpe and Brad went to Regional Flavours. We were blown away by the amazing people working hard in the food industry; there is nothing better than food that is locally made, in season and guaranteed to be fresh. On the back of shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules we are all “foodie experts” and we want that personal connection to the people who make the food. Read more