DIY to professional branding in 3 easy steps…

There is no reason to make selling your product any harder than it already is, surely you have worked to hard to simply lose out because you failed to think about the labelling and packaging. It doesn’t matter where your product is sold; farmers markets, local stores or supermarkets, you have a responsibility to present yourself as a professional in your industry and it’s not hard to do.

Look at these two products – both taste delicious, both have a nice looking bottle, both have a good-looking lid, so which one would you choose. It’s a no brainer, the problems with the preserve on the left are glaringly obvious I know but they are easily corrected.

  1. Don’t use electrical tape to seal your bottle
  2. Don’t hand cut round stickers you will never get it right
  3. Don’t choose a fancy shaped bottle over a more economical round, especially if it will impact the rest of your design budget.

Wilkin & Sons has been producing preserves since 1885, they have a Royal Warrant and yes that is a hallmarked sterling silver lid but look closely at their label. One colour on white stock, die cut into an oval shape. Good design doesn’t need to be fussy. Like this post if you agree.

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