Doing things in reverse is costing money…

I met a builder’s wife recently, who told me that they were losing out on work because of price. They had cut their margins already and couldn’t go any lower. She blamed the architects and draughtsmen’s. As she said “Vogue plans, on a beer budget”

I found this interesting. It wasn’t that they were too expensive; it was because the customer hadn’t been educated in the design phase of the costs to bring their dreams to reality.

Has this happened to you? It may not be in relation to building a home but perhaps in some other way. Have you had an amazing logo created only to realise later that the colour picture featured would cost a bit to print or that using gold or silver in your branding colours means you need to get a foil block every time you get something printed?

Doing things in reverse can end up costing you. Talk to your printer before you start designing; get them to work with your creative team so you get the best out of your branding, not other people.


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