How do I make an infographic…

One of the fun things a blog allows us to do is take our customers along with us when we’re working on different projects. We’ve got a few ideas for projects that will be interesting and informative, showcasing how Rallings can help you from concept to finished product.

We’re presently working on the first in a series of Rallings labels & stickers infographics. An infographic is simply a visual image that gives you information in a fun and interesting manner. But the greater purpose is to create attention and get your business known by more people, the best thing to happen would be for it to be shared via social media and to have it go viral. That may be something you are interested in and want to try with your business. So follow along and see how we make our first infographic. If you haven’t seen one have a look at our pinterest board for some examples.

To start you need a topic – for our first we’ve chosen the history of labels and stickers. The obvious place to start your search for information is the web but don’t forget other sources – the library, consumer magazines, newspapers, census data etc. Make sure you have interesting statistics and try to include something people may not know about your topic. This will highlight your insider information.

There are lots of blog posts dedicated to this topic, just google it they will have useful tips about the different tools available to you or just contact us and we’ll help you (click the red button on the right sidebar).

In the picture montage you can see that we have begun drawing our ideas (we can’t draw but we have some very talented friends who can) and the template has come to life. Our infographic will based on a timeline with some very cool drawings bringing our information to life. Follow us via twitter and facebook or follow our blog to keep updated about our infographic.

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