Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Mahlzeit Catering

Today the cooking preparation begins for the feast this Saturday.  So its perfect timing to introduce our Chef, Steven Herold of Mahlzeit Catering

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Intimate dining for corporate clients, a memorable dining experience with beautiful, delicious food. Every time.

If someone raised a glass in your direction at lunchtime, and shouted” Gesegnete Mahlzeit!” in your general direction, how would you respond?

If you are with Steven Herold, executive chef of Mahlziet catering, you may well hear him return the hail with gusto. For Steve, this German expression meaning ‘blessed mealtime’ is more than a salutation, it’s a memory of 20 years of his father’s German cooking, of hearty European comfort food, of his own time in the Berlin restaurant circuit. It is also the name of his business.

Having cooked in high profile restaurants from the Gold Coast and Sydney to pubs and exclusive eateries in Singapore, London, and Europe, Steve has been part of many a blessed eating experience. Now, with three small mouths to feed, Steve and his wife Erin bring their own unique style of food preparation to Brisbane.

Mahlzeit (pronounced Mal-site operates as a high-end catering business, bringing quality ingredients and local flavour into the corporate world. It’s Steve’s love of Australian grown ingredients and respect of seasonal produce that keeps his company that one step ahead. Combined with a deft hand and an uncanny knack for flavor partnering, he loves nothing more than being given free reign to create and come up with something special.

“Putting together a menu for Rallings feast is a pleasure”, says Steve. “I am looking forward to working with each of the specialty ingredients and can foresee some fabulous dishes. I really can’t wait to pull it altogether on the night”, he adds. “It’s a cool idea, a great event, really something different. I want to do each element, each brand, justice – and provide little surprise on the night”.

Steve gives credit to the Rallings crew for being so easy to work with. “It was so easy”, he says of his first meeting with Brad and Leisa. “They just took my logo, whipped it into packaging labels, made sure we were totally and %100 on board with the finished product. No upsell, just good, honest business.”

That’s something worth saluting.

Oh – and what is the appropriate response to “Mahlzeit!”? For the most part, you can simply say Mahlzeit!, in return, or, should you be already eating (and they are not) a simple Danke! (thanks) instead – they have wished you a most enjoyable eating experience.


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