Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Bacchus Brewing

A Micro brewery producing Queensland’s most exciting range of craft beers.

bacchus brewing


If Ross Kenrick offers you dessert, take it. It might involve a chocolate-infused After Dinner Mint beer; a Raspberry White Chocolate Pilsner – People’s Choice award 2013 GABS festival – or perhaps some Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road, the brew that took out second place at the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular.

The former scrap metal merchant elevated his home brewing hobby to a new level back in 2010 when he rolled into the commercial brewing world. Taking over the former Bacchus brewing site, he retained the name and injected charm, charisma and a point of difference that keeps him, and his brews, in a stand out position. “It was the total lack of full flavoured beers in Australia that got me going” says Kenrick. “The reception has been fabulous”.

Seasonal brews flow from the two hand pumps, and up to 27 varieties are on hand at any given time. Using only the finest quality hops and grains, Bacchus brews 12 concurrent brews on any given day using a state of the art multi vessel system. Add to this, rum cask-aged Baltic porters; ales with macadamia and honey; and a quirky ‘Cock Ale’ based on a Celtic recipe harking back to the 1500s. And yes, it contains chicken.

While the average Aussie would be hard pressed to come up with three new and unique flavours every week, Kenrick loves the thought. And he’s never short of willing taste testers. “Women are more open to trying new flavours” he says. “They’ll give most things a go, it’s often their partners who say ‘you try it first’”.

With a pizza kitchen pumping out tasty treats and games and toys to keep the kidlets occupied, Kenrick has developed a family friendly venue that boasts tenpin bowling memorabilia, a reconstructed bowling lane, and bowling pins disguised as table lamps. “I love our brewery” says Kenrick. “You can sit at the bar, watch the brewers make our beers, and ask them questions – they are the same crew that serve you”.

Ask Kenrick about labels, and he’s (almost) as equally enthused. “Brad spent a lot of time and effort in helping us come up with a system that suited us”, he offers. “Producing a label for three new beers a week was a quite a challenge. Rallings were able to come up with an innovative solution that suits us down to the last pin”

It’s enough to bowl you over.

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