Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…Blend Smoked Honey

We are so glad to be gathering together some of the countries best growers and producers to our table and we can’t wait share the first Rallings’ Feast with them. Please follow the links and follow along…

Blend Smoked Honey

Blend Smoked Honey


100% raw local honey, cold wood smoked and crafted with toasted spices & natural artisan ingredients.

Ask Kris Sweres how his smoked honey came about and he’ll happily confess – it was by accident. A drunken accident, at that.

A little over 12 months ago Kris and his partner Rebecca Mitchell returned from a food and wine holiday in the Hunter Valley. “We wanted to recreate some of the flavours we had experienced,” recalls Sweres. “We were cold smoking some cheese and somehow, in the process, a jar of local raw lillipilli honey found it’s way into the smoker. Neither Kris nor Rebecca recall how it got there. Fate? Perhaps so. “We sampled it – and blimey, it was good!” he recalls. “In case it was the wine speaking, we sampled it again the next day. Yep, still good!”

Sourcing only Queensland honey from environmentally friendly beekeepers, Sweres and Mitchell produce each batch by hand. First, they cold smoke over Aussie hardwood, then test and season to ensure consistency and quality.  Each jar is hand checked before labeling and distribution. The end result is a unique sweet, smokey  honey, perfect as a savoury accompaniment”  Sweres suggests using it in marinades and bastes (as one of the Shank Brothers BBQ team he’s somewhat of an expert on BBQ), drizzled on  sizzling haloumi, or  slathered on hot grilled pineapple. Seriously good.

Sweres and Mitchell chose Rallings for labeling because of their values. “I love that Brad sat with me, asked me what I wanted, and really listened. He sampled my product then and there.  It meant he could create something that was a perfect fit.

And what does Brad think? “It tastes like camping”! he laughs.

Blends’ paper base label is designed to have a recycled look and offers a rustic feel of smoke and wood.

For Blend, it is a brand that sticks, finger licking aside.

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