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If you are new to the industry, want to take your product to the next level and get in front of the countries best chefs Shirley Harring can help you.   Shirley is more than a Rallings’ Feast guest she has been involved since its inception at the beginning of the year and quite frankly we couldn’t have gotten to this point without her.  Can you tell we love Shirley?  Check out Shirley’s new business Hand Sourced

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Better Taste in Words

Shirley Harring spends her days juggling freelance writing with her ‘real job’, the managing director of the select niche food and beverage distribution company, Hand Sourced. In between, she grows vegetables, wrangles chickens and devours books.  Inexplicably drawn to food, Shirley is the kind of person you won’t want to dine with – unless you mind sampling innards, gizzards, or food related obscurities (in which case, she’d love to hear from you).  She is passionate about farming, agriculture and the support of small and local growers on Australian soil. She lives in hope that one day, tuck shops will turn into fresh food cafeterias and school ovals into edible, self sustainable gardens.

She holds qualifications in food writing (Adelaide University); education (QUT & UWA); adult education (QSA) and is slowly working on her thesis for the Masters of Food Studies (Gastronomy) program through Cordon Bleu (Southern Cross University). Shirley originally hails from Perth, WA, where she grew up amongst Italian farmers’ markets and the Swan Valley wineries. She lives with her family of boys, who she finds are very useful for washing up after her kitchen experiments, and for carrying heavy things. She is an adventurous eater, fervent cook and kitchen junkie. She is always hungry.

“At the beginning of the year when Brad and I first started throwing ideas around about doing something special for our food and beverage customers, I knew to call Shirley and chat to her.  I’d first met Shirley some years back, through the Brisbane Tweet Up events. I’d always loved spending time with her.  We share a passion for personal connection and meaningful working relationships and I felt she would be interested in our plans, and be able to offer some advice and give clarity to our ideas.  She is well respected in the industry so I knew if she liked our idea, it was a good one.” – Leisa and Brad Low.

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