Introducing our Rallings’ Feast guests…The Truffle Man

10 more sleeps until the inaugural Rallings’ Feast and we’re very excited to introduce another guest.  Follow the links to see what happens #rallingsfeast


We bring the very best quality fine food and hard to source boutique wines and champagnes to the Australian public.

Corsican born Philippe Reboul and Francophilian wife Amanda found their business niche waiting for them when returning to Brisbane in 2006. Looking to raise their family of three on Australian soil, the couple found themselves in the position of championing produce they had taken for granted whilst living in Europe. It began with the not-so-humble truffle, as they imported the then elusive tubers for a few select chefs and food loving colleagues.  Given the nickname ‘that truffle man’ by a local journalist, the moniker stuck and The Truffle Man label was born.

Amanda Reboul, also known as The Truffle Lady, now finds herself juggling truffles with select International and Australian produce.  And, in between deliveries to retail and restaurant clients, manages her own Champagne import and education business.  “We never know what people are going to request” says Reboul. “We quickly realised there was a market in Brisbane for people who were after hard to high caliber, quality European ingredients, so we started looking at quality items with a point of difference.”

Now, The Truffle Man brand imports, distributes and retails a distinctive range of food, wine and champagne including caviar, foie gras, jamon Spanish ham, saucisson, truffles, exclusive spices and more to the Brisbane food scene.

“We are passionate about the truffle, true”, laughs Reboul. “But we are equally as passionate about our other produce, too. Our duck foie gras is exceptional – it’s free ranged, ethically grown and sustainable. It offers a real touch of luxury that dates back to Egyptian times – and that’s quite a pedigree”.  Then there’s Brazilian tonka beans; Italian sustainable caviar; and organic pollens from California.  “Fennel pollen is rare”, explains Reboul. “The naturally dried flower tips are a stunning green-yellow powder and the intensity of flavor is divine”. And yes, this pollen is featuring in the Ralling’s Feast.

And how do the Rebouls feel about Rallings? “They have been so supportive. As our business expanded, we found we needed a more polished, refined look to our labeling options.  Brad really met the brief on recognising the demographic reach of our produce and designed something that perfectly fits our brief”.

Rallings: proof that good branding needn’t be as elusive – or as expensive –  as a European truffle.

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