Is it time to think seriously about branding…

Has this been on your mind lately? It’s been on ours and this weekend is a perfect example why.

Rallings has spent the weekend thinking about and eating food. Leisa visited Stanthorpe and Brad went to Regional Flavours. We were blown away by the amazing people working hard in the food industry; there is nothing better than food that is locally made, in season and guaranteed to be fresh. On the back of shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules we are all “foodie experts” and we want that personal connection to the people who make the food.

What we find regularly is that these people who are so very busy in the making of the food or beverage are often too busy to think about branding. It’s usually a second thought or completely forgotten. When we talk to people about making that transition from DIY packaging and labelling to professionally printed branding the one common fear is that it will be more than they can afford and the only thing that runs through their head is how much “pasta sauce” do I have to sell to cover the cost.

You know your product is delicious and while that can be enough initially to get people buying at the markets, where they can taste, smell and talk to you directly, it’s not enough when you start stocking shelves at the local store or supermaket. But don’t think you need to spend a fortune on a professional design and lose who you are in the process. You just need someone who understands what you need and knows the clever design processes to give it to you.

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