New to Labels & Stickers – FAQ

Label Printing

Label Printing can be a complex business. We at Rallings Label Specialists have the industry know how and experience to help you through this process. We can advise whether you should produce a label as four colour process or is it best to produce it with spot colours?

What is the best stock for the application you are going to use?

The adhesive is a critical part of what label stock to use, and how it is going to be applied to a product will determine this.

There are quite a lot of special effects that you can use to enhance your label, like printing a colour over a silver stock to produce gold and silver metallic images without the expense of having to pay for foiling blocks etc.

Perhaps a spot varnish may enhance certain areas of your label

We are happy to give you a factory tour to explain the process in a hands on way if that will help you understand exactly what is possible and what is involved in creating your labels. Call Brad today to make an appointment and discuss your upcoming label project.

Things we get asked all the time… open
Printing is our life, our every day, so we appreciate that someone needing printing, especially labels or stickers, the whole idea of it can make your head spin.  It can be pretty daunting when you realise all the terminology, the kind of papers, inks, not to mention the processes as well as all the laws you have to follow with labelling nowadays.
How much money am I going to need? open
Because we know labels and stickers and all their applications, to start with, we will run you through a quick question and answer session to understand, why, what for, who and where and most importantly how many.  Sometimes quantities mean we can use digital processes instead of conventional printing methods which can save time and money. Yes, we like the sound of that too!
Does my design impact on the costs? open
This is where we like to leap up in the air and said WAIT! Yes, design has a really large impact on costs, and this is where we think we are a little bit clever at ensuring our clients are doing things smartly without inhibiting their brand or market presence. As a full service printer, it gives us goosebumps when we get to work with a client from scratch to ensure the whole process doesn’t get held up with re-do’s because the right information wasn’t there in the first place.
Does my account get given to a sales rep to handle? open
Again, this is where we are really happy to say we are a boutique label and sticker manufacturer.  We offer the big printing services, but with the personal touch that comes with quality business relationships.  You start dealing with the owner, we call him Brad, and he stays with you.  We figure that the only way we can ensure quality outcomes is if the big kahuna has his finger on the pulse the whole time. Over the 10 years we have been at the helm of Rallings, we have honed this down to a fine art.

Do you have any more questions?  We’d love to speak to you if you are ready.

Call Brad on 1300 852 235 and you can also have a look at how we work with clients on Pinterest.

Yes, we agree, cutting edge right?!