Who pays when your printer stuffs up your job?

We were a bit surprised recently to hear that it was the customer.

We went along to a seminar earlier this week, put on by the Real Food Festival organisers for their exhibitors. We talked to them about labelling, packaging and branding; sharing our cost-effective design techniques for labels and stickers that take your branding to the next level.

We met lots of food producers and we were a little distressed to hear a story about one of them paying for a reprint when it was the printer who was responsible for the problem, not them.

If you only take one thing from this post it should be – DO NOT pay for your printer’s error under any circumstances!! Now this is easy to say especially when as is typical of the food industry deadlines are very tight and a dodgy printer can hold you over a barrel. But again we have to say it is not your problem if your printer makes a mistake.

The way to avoid this problem, before you even have a job printed, is to remember these important steps to follow when choosing a printer.

How to choose a good printer:

  • Don’t choose a printer because they are the cheapest – there is a reason they are cheap. They don’t offer the things that go along with price that gives you value for money – quality and service.
  • Always choose a printer who guarantees their work – if they make a mistake a good printer will reprint at no cost to you.
  • Ask for references – good printers service a wide range of industries, always ask for references specific to your business and get samples.

Your printer can become an integral part of your business. We advise our customers to call us in the design phase of any job, often we can suggest changes to design that will improve the look and quality of your print job and also be cost-effective. Take the time to cultivate a relationship based on loyalty and trust and you will be rewarded with exceptional service.

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